The sandwich panel is referred to as a 3-layer compound, in which 1 insulating layer is placed between two layers of the sheet, resulting in a very high physical resistance.As mentioned, sheets and insulators are the main ingredients of sandwich panels

Sandwich Panel Insulation:
A very light and durable material that is placed between two layers of the sheet. This insulator is highly resistant to this structure. This insulator can be of different shapes. As a number of commonly used insulators, polyurethane, polystyrene, xps, rock wool, etc. can be mentioned.

Sandwich Panel Sheet:
Basically, the sheet is said to be a thin layer of different kind that has many applications. One of its applications is the sandwich panel. The sheet in the sandwich panel is said to be the outer layer of the panel, which is in direct contact with the environment, so it must have certain characteristics. Among the most widely used sheets used in panels, galvanized sheet, aluminum, aluminum can be mentioned.


Features and Benefits of Sandwich Panel:
The sandwich panel has many advantages over traditional structures, such as concrete and other structures, which has replaced this structure with traditional structures. Some of these benefits are listed below as a list:

Sandwich panels are the most suitable insulator than traditional ones.

Compared to other materials, they are much lighter and less costly

The useful life of these structures is much higher


Due to the variety of colors, they are much closer to the customer’s taste

Easy to install and install


Sandwich panel The clean room is used to make clean rooms where the entry of air pollutants is particularly important. These sandwich panels are very robust so that they do not even affect chemicals, heat insulation, moisture, cold and heat, sound, chemicals, airborne pollutants, and so on.
The sandwich panel of the two-sided nylon, which is not recommended by the Mammoth company, is not recommended by the Mammoth panel as well as other types of power and is not anti-earthquake.
Sandwich panel panels can also be produced in different ways with different types of raw materials, and they are used among the categories for the use of panel sandwiches as described below:

The galvanized panel sandwich is made of galvanized sheet, which is a sturdy and usable sheet for all types of walls.
Aluzink’s Sandwich Panel is used to make the best prefabricated structures, the Mammoth standard sandwich panel, and can be used as a sandwich panel for stainless steel mammoths.
The sandwich aluminum panel is made of aluminum sheet, which is cheap compared to other sheets of sandwich panel and it is used as a non-washable sheet, this aluminum sheet will stain in case of water and so on.
Sandwich panel is made of fiberglass sheet, which is a very waterproof and moisture resistant sheet and can be used for all types of buildings, especially office buildings and commercial buildings, where the beauty and appearance of the building is very important.
There are two types of transparent sandwich panels, polycarbonate sheet mammoth panels, and glass mambout panels that can enter light in both of these sandwich panels and make them beautifully and luminous in the environment. Can be used, this sandwich panels are more used in building greenhouse holes.
The sandwich panel of polyurethane, which is one of the types of sandwich panels that is referred to as a sandwich panel of mammoth fireproof, is one of the types of sandwich panels that can be considered the standard of the Mammoth company.
This mammoth panel sandwich, like the Alosinck Sandwich Panel, is one of Mammoth’s best-in-class suppliers that you can take advantage of its great properties, if you want, you can combine both standard sandwich panels and sandwiches. Make a sheet of aluminum and polyurethane core with two.

Sandwich panel The polystyrene panel is a variety of mammoth panels, due to the price of the awn between the cheap sandwich panel, this polystyrene insulation can be ordered in thickness and size.
The XPS sandwich panel is made up of XPS injection foam, which is very thin and has less space and space than other types of sandwich panels, this sandwich panel has the same polystyrene insulation, with the difference that this is a more compact insulator.

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